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Today I met Tom Hiddleston.

At first I didn’t want to post the picture of me and him (not a great photo of me, wtf is my hair at) but I just thought Screw it. So here he is in glorious HD.

Tom was in a rush, so I was really lucky to see him. He looked absolutely devastating - white trainers, tight blue shirt, rolled up sleeves, buttons open. He was really kind, and even though he only had a few minutes, he took his time with each fan and kept apologising because he had to leave. I think the first word I heard him say was ‘Sorry’!
I can’t remember exactly what I said - I mentioned Coriolanus and he signed my copy of the play for my friend, then we took the photo.
 I would like to thank the lovely people who adopted waited with me :) If anything, I met fellow Hiddlestoners who made the long wait fly by!

When it was over, he drove away in his Jaguar. The sexiest black Jag I have ever seen.

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